Our Team

Anna Blazejewska

Cleaning Ninjas CEO/Lead Ninja

If you choose to let me and my fellow Cleaning Ninjas into your home, you should know who I am and what I believe in:

Growing up in North Vancouver since a young teen, I am a graduate from North Vancouver’s St. Thomas Aquinas High School and Capilano College (Degree of Associates of Arts). After graduation, I actively pursued a career in policing, as I have always wanted to make a real difference by serving my community and making our home a safer, better place. Currently, I am also a volunteer member of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society.

A few years ago, I switched from wanting to fight crime to wanting to battle dirt. However, the underlying traits and values for both policing and Cleaning Ninjas are similar, if not the same, to me.

I created this business to satisfy my love of being on the go and wanting to work hard on a daily basis to stay fit. Cleaning Ninjas also creates real results; it makes a meaningful difference and provides a positive impact on people’s lives. And, importantly, Cleaning Ninjas also has me defeating the bad guys: Mess and Dirt.

Cleaning Ninjas rests on Three core values: Respect, Service and Security.

We care about what we do. We can make a positive impact on your life by conquering mess on the homefront. As a mother of four, I know there is nothing worse than coming home to a messy house. Our lives today keep us so busy that having a clean house is not only a huge time saver, it is good for the soul.

I take great pride in the transformation of our client homes after they commit to Cleaning Ninjas‘ regular cleaning regimen. The little extras – like tucking a child’s doll into a toy crib – we do because we know they matter.

When our client families walk into their home after Cleaning Ninjas are done, I want smiles on their faces and a sense of “wow.” I want Cleaning Ninjas to contribute to a family’s good mood and peace of mind.

When we clean homes, we clean to perfection. Vacuuming and mopping comes last, not first. And whatever can be reached and touched, is cleaned. If you have children, our Cleaning Ninjas know to target hidden messes by moving couches and picking up area rugs.

We will even clean things we don’t have to in our zeal for total victory. Such is my hate for a mess, that I sometimes have problems controlling myself when visiting homes of friends and family.

Your home is sacred and will be protected. We are insured and our Ninjas are selected from personal referrals among our community of friends.

Cleaning Ninjas are professional, energetic, and English speaking. The only things we open to clean in your house are the fridge and microwave — if we are asked. Through training and site visits, I ensure my Cleaning Ninjas provide the same level of attention and care that I demand.

Cleaning Ninjas is my passion, and I believe that using our services can help you pursue yours. Please Contact Us and find out how the Cleaning Ninjas can help!